5 Tips For Beautiful Lashes

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In recent months, the eyebrows have come under the spotlight. How about talking about our eyelashes? Because they too deserve to have a beauty routine adapted to their needs. Gentle make-up removal, hydration, nutrition … Here are 5 tips to take care of it.


As we know, removing make-up every night is an essential gesture to preserve the skin from cutaneous aging…. But it is also a ritual that does well to the eyelashes. Because with pollution, UV exposure and the use of waterproof mascaras, they can be considerably weakened and end up falling prematurely. To avoid this massacre and preserve our line, we put on gentle makeup removers, specially designed for the eye area and eyelashes. Two-phase lotions based on Bluet Water, micellar waters to maintain a balanced pH or cleansing oils to cleanse and hydrate … Solutions are many and varied. Provided you know how to apply them. Because the excessive friction of cotton against the eyelashes can damage the lipid barrier of the fiber and weaken it. We, therefore, prefer to use the pulp of our fingers soaked in makeup remover to massage our eyelids and gently peel off the makeup. Another tip: soak two cotton discs in cleansing oil and gently place them on our eyelids. Leave on for 10 minutes and voila.


Due to the changing seasons, the cold and pollution, eyelashes sometimes need a little boost to stimulate and strengthen them. Our best allies: serums. Apply in a zig zag motion morning and evening as close as possible to the base of the hairs, they will cover them with a protective layer and moisturize them thoroughly. More natural remedy, soak a Cotton Swab or a brush of Castor oil or coconut oil and apply it in a thick layer on the eyelashes. Wait a few seconds for the product to permeate, then give a circular massage with the fingertips to penetrate the excess. Result: after 3 weeks, the eyelashes are already denser.


The eyelashes (like the skin) reflect our food. So for them to be well supplied, long and thick, it is better to favor foods rich in vitamins A, B, E, H, iron and magnesium, such as broccoli, cereals or dried fruits. Omega 3, naturally present in salmon for example, can help regenerate the hair follicles and surrounding tissues. Another tip, if an attack cure is necessary, nothing like brewer’s yeast. This miracle food supplement accelerates the regrowth of hair, nails and hair, very gently.


Prendre soin de nos cils passe aussi par choisir le bon mascara. Et oui ! Car certains d’entre eux peuvent habiller nos poils tout en les chouchoutant. On s’en procure donc un composé de céramide (relipidant), de vitamine B5 et d’une protection solaire : 3 actifs qui vont fortifier la fibre et la protéger. On évite, en revanche, les mascaras waterproofs qui, lorsqu’on les démaquille par frottement, peuvent fragiliser voire arracher les cils. Dernière chose (mais pas des moindres) : pour plus d’hygiène, on pense à régulièrement laver la brosse de notre mascara. Car après quelques mois d’utilisation, un petit nid à bactéries peut se créer et proliférer.


Flap eyelashes to activate hair growth? Beauty heresy? What Nenni! According to dermatologists, blinking would stimulate eyelid movement and promote microcirculation. Result: the growth phase (which lasts on average 3 months usually) is slightly accelerated and the eyelashes grow back larger than ever. And yes… The body is well made!

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