Best 20 memes from Pinterest

Written by koyo

Meme 1:


Every time you feel alone, just remember there are 25 billions antibodies following through your veins, who would die in order to protect you
“nobody has ever worried that much about me

Meme 2:

Me: orders something with someday delivery on 11:59

Meme 3:

taxes are essentially just a yearly subscription yo the country you live in lol

childhood is the free trial

Meme 4:

Me:ima get these grades & get my education

me watching the lights flicker in class

Meme 5:

Friend : “Ready For the test today?”
Me, on 3 hours sleep:

Meme 6:

-What i see and what my cat sees…

Meme 7:

Parachutes where inventend in 1783 and people befor 1783

Meme 8:

When you open a window in a summer night.

Meme 9:

when short people see someone shorter than them.

Meme 10:

When Santa gives you coal, so you burn it and melt the North pole

Meme 11:

my brain before going through airport security: what if I accidentally have a gun

Meme 12:

how to be rich in 3 steps

weelchair users

Meme 13:

Me (playing battlefield): weird, there’s no sound.

grandpa wearing Bluetooth headset:

Meme 14:

Shoutout to the 1 guy using Steam in North Korea

Meme 15:

  • if you ever feel useless, remember someone made a protective cover for Nokia 3310
  • It was to protect the floor

Meme 16:

  • Materwelon
  • Finally! A worthy opponent!

Meme 17:

  • When the doctor says you have 1 year left to live
  • so you kill him and the Judge gives you 40 years

Meme 18:

  • when your sister is washing the dishes, and you slowly put another plate in the sink
  • sister’s reaction and your reaction

Meme 19:

Art schools after WWII

Meme 20:

  • When you are sick and your mom sees you playing a game
  • HMMM, So you better now

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