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A good gaming chair is an investment that should last you more than 10 years and it is surely the chair on which you will spend most of your time so to avoid back problems and be at the top of comfort, it is better to choose. So I searched for you the best gaming chairs, I personally tested more than twenty to finally keep only 6 on this page.

I have classified them into different categories according to your budget: entry-level, mid-range and, finally, high-end.

All the models are available in several colors, I chose different colors so that you differentiate well each model.

Chairs for Gamers “Low Budget”

IntimaTe WM Heart

The IntimaTe WM Heart is a chair for low budgets, nothing really flashy on the chair but the minimum is there: cushions, correct padding and gamer look. No adjustment of the armrests possible unfortunately and entry-level materials but for the price the contract is fulfilled!

  • Max weight: 110 kg
  • Recommended dimensions: 65-80 inches
  • Chair weight: 430 lbs

The TecTake chair

The TecTake chair

I also classify this chair in the “low cost” category, but we are closer to the entry level all the same. Adjustment of the armrests possible as well as the inclination of the backrest, a maximum supported weight of 264 lbs. Be careful however, the parts are not of the quality level of a DxRacer and the frame of the foot is made of plastic.

  • Max weight: 264 lbs
  • Recommended dimensions: 65-72 inches
  • Chair weight: 43 lbs

The GT Omega Racing chair

 GT Omega Racing

The Omega racing GT offers an excellent quality/price ratio. Delivered with its extra cushions, the possibility of tilting the backrest to the horizontal as well as good quality materials. Too bad, however, that some parts of the seat base are made of plastic (the frame is made of metal, however!), But you can’t have everything for this price.

  • Max weight: 53 lbs
  • Recommended dimensions: 65-75 inches
  • Chair weight: 48 lbs

Chairs for Gamers “Medium Budget”

Arozzi Torretta

Arozzi Torretta

A very good gaming chair, the price/quality ratio is really good! The finishes and components of the seat are at the top. The chair adjusts both at the back and at the armrests, you can be sure that you will find the ideal position!

  • Max weight: 44 lbs
  • Recommended dimensions: 65-72 inches
  • Chair weight: 53 lbs

AkRacing Nitro

The best quality/price ratio at AkRacing, a structure and a metal base which allow it to guarantee a long lifespan, it can support up to 330 lbs without problem.

Max weight: 330 lbs
Recommended dimensions: 65-75 Inch
Chair weight: 21 lbs

Empire Gaming Racing 700

Empire Gaming offers an excellent quality chair with adjustable armrests, good finishes, and a good lifespan. All at less than 200 € is a very good value for money.

  • Max weight: 264 lbs
  • Recommended dimensions: 67-73 inches
  • Chair weight: 55 lbs

Chairs for Gamers “Large Budget”

NobleChairs Leather Version

The only gamer seat model in real leather. NobleChair is a new ultra-high-end brand that offers gaming seats inspired by luxury car seats. They are also the only ones to offer a real leather gaming chair, they only use the best possible materials and are produced in Germany. If the price doesn’t matter and you’re only looking for the best chair possible, you’ve found it.

  • Max weight: 331 lbs
  • Recommended dimensions: 63-75 Inch
  • Chair weight: 64 lbs

DxRacer By Robas Lund

A high-end model that offers one of the best value for money in my opinion. Very good quality finishes, a fully adjustable seat with a metal frame and two cushions, what more could you want?

  • Max weight: 264 lbs
  • Recommended dimensions: 63-75 inch
  • Chair Weight: 48 Ibs


The best chair in 2018! Excellent quality materials, metal frame, adjustable “4D” armrests for a fully adjustable seat. Klim has put all the budget into the design of his chair and it shows!

  • Max weight: 330 Ibs
  • Recommended dimensions: 59 -75 Inch
  • Chair Weight: 53 Ibs

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