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Top 10 Japanese anime series

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Fans of animation and Japanese culture, this is a top that should interest you! Netflix offers in its catalog many Japanese anime series. Naruto, Bleach, One Punch Man … we tried to rank it! And don’t miss our Yakoi Netflix video on the subject.

Long regarded as the poorest art in anime, manga has now become a safe bet for entertainment. This Japanese art has given birth to historical sagas such as Dragon Ball, One Piece or Naruto. Netflix offers in its catalog many series that should entertain the greatest number. To find your way around, here are our top 10 best Japanese anime series available on the American platform, as well as our Yakoi video on Netflix on the same theme!

1- Naruto (9 seasons), Naruto Shippuden (9 seasons)

naruto shippuden

Here is a shōnen (manga intended for an adolescent audience and rather masculine according to the Japanese definition) which created a small revolution and which sold like hotcakes. Naruto has only one dream: to become the head of his village, the Hokage! But before that, a long way awaits him. He will have to become the strongest of the ninjas and tame the nine-tailed demon who lives inside him …

2-One Punch Man (1 season – in production)

one punch man

Saitama, a boy without ambition, decides to subject his body to intensive training to make up for his unemployment. After 3 years of effort, he decides to become a superhero and quickly realizes that only one of his punches can knock down any of his enemies. But what about a superhero who no longer has any enemy capable of competing with him?

3- Death Note (1 season)

death note

Light is a gifted high school student. One day he comes across a mysterious black notebook, named Death Note, which previously belonged to a god of death named Ryuk. The boy quickly realizes that the notebook has magical powers. Each person who sees his name written inside dies in the instant that follows. Light then dreams of being a vigilante and intends to purify his city of all criminals …

4- Hunter x Hunter (4 seasons)

hunter x hunter

At 12, young Gon decides to go in search of his missing father, Gin, who was the greatest Hunter (hunter of monsters) of all time. He then decides to follow in his footsteps and become a Hunter himself. During his journey, he will meet friends and enemies …

5- Bleach (2 seasons)


In Japan, the young Ichigo can see and speak to spirits from his earliest childhood. One evening, when he meets a shinigami (a god of death), named Rukia, he accepts to help him and at the same time become himself a shinigami … The young man then goes hunting for monsters named hollows and agrees to protect human souls.

6- Assassination Classroom (2 seasons)

Koro-Sensei is a strange creature who plans to destroy planet Earth. While announcing his bad intentions to the Japanese government, he also became the head teacher of class 3-E at Kunugigaoka college. He then decides to train his students for one goal: to make them all become real assassins so that they can suppress him in the future and thus prevent earthly destruction. The game starts…

7- Black Butler (3 seasons)

After losing his parents, the young 12-year-old Ciel inherits a large fortune and the toy and candy business Phantom. The young boy then makes a pact with Sebastian, a butler who is actually a demon. Together, they will be commissioned by the Queen of England Victoria and will have to solve different investigations to protect the Kingdom and the Crown.

8- Fairy Tail (6 seasons)

In the kingdom of Fiore, very special human beings have the ability to control magic. Each of these mages belongs to a guild, all competing against each other. One day, young Lucie meets Natsu and her flying cat Happy. Together and with their companions from the Fairy Tail guild, they will experience a thousand adventures.

9- The Seven Deadly Sins (3 seasons)

The Seven Deadly Sins

To save her father and her kingdom, a princess decides to go in search of the Seven Deadly Sins, a group of renegade Holy Knights. While resting in a tavern, she meets a young boy who turns out to be Meliodas, one of the seven great Knights of legend. Together, they go in search of the six other members of the group.

10- Yu-Gi-Oh! (2 seasons)


Here is a little Proust madeleine for all those born in the 1990s! Broadcast at the time on M6, this manga quickly found its audience. This is the story of the young Yûgi high school. While receiving a magic object, the Millennium puzzle, he frees the mind of an ancient pharaoh from Egypt and becomes an expert in card games.

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